Media Reporter Gets Ratio’d Into Another Dimension For Bad Tweet About Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (UPDATES)


“The Ratio”, Deadspin writer David Roth once explained, “is the triple crown of bad tweets.” It’s when a Twitter user posts something so garbage that the replies to their post outnumber its likes and retweets by a remarkable ratio.

Eddie Scarry, a media reporter for the conservative Washington Examiner, posted this tweet on what was otherwise a sleepy Thursday afternoon, and it is getting ratio’d into the stratosphere:

The tweet, ostensibly, takes aim at Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez‘s claims that she struggles to afford rent. Scarry, using a surreptitiously taken photo of the young congresswoman that was apparently sent to him, wrote in his tweet that her very normal jacket and coat are evidence she is dishonest about her financial situation.

The response was swift, and brutal. As of writing, Scarry’s tweet has a ratio that might just be unprecedented on

Scarry was defiant. But his second tweet explaining the first only kicked off a rare double ratio:

Here’s a sampling of the response his tweet is provoking, including everyone from MSNBC hosts to his fellow media reporters:

Things got so bad that Amazon shut down new reviews for Scarry’s book, Fraud and Fiction.

Meanwhile, Scarry is fiercely responding to critics on his Twitter page. Follow the madness here.

UPDATE: Ocasio-Cortez, naturally, has fired back:

UPDATE: We are up at 19k replies people. This is a historic night.

UPDATE: Scarry has deleted the tweet. He explains:

Before deletion, the bad tweet managed to surpass 20k replies. Truly historic.

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