comScore Mexican Cheer Team's Nazi-Themed Routine Draws Criticism, Naturally

Dance Team’s Nazi-Themed Routine Draws Criticism, Naturally

Screen Shot 2015-06-13 at 2.39.32 PMOn May 31, a dance routine put on by a team at a cheer competition in Guadalajara featured a rather intriguing thematic motif — Nazism. The dance included swastikas, red armbands, apparent military outfits and even a choreographed move not unlike the infamous Nazi salute. Whether or not the routine turned heads in May remains to be seen, but it surely drew the Internet’s condemnation when a video of the routine went viral on Friday.

Sometimes, it takes none other than Ann Coulter to draw one’s attention to a story like this. Of course, she couldn’t tweet about it without poking fun at The New York Times‘ “nonjudgmental” coverage of the story. According to the paper’s report:

[Event organizer Enrique Casas] said the routines were the individual choice of the 192 teams that participated.

But Casas said that organizers may put safeguards on the next competition “to avoid hurting people’s feelings.”

“The invitations are going to be restricted in certain ways,” he said “to avoid social conflicts.”

Check out the clip below, courtesy of LiveLeak:

[h/t The New York Times]
[Image via screengrab]

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