Michigan Man Sues MSNBC for Misidentifying Him as a Criminal

A Michigan man is suing NBC Universal for being misidentified as a criminal stun gunned by Detroit police on the MSNBC reality program Caught on Camera. The program featured a criminal named Todd Keith who jumped into a stolen limousine and was quickly apprehended by police, but MSNBC instead ran a picture of Michigan construction worker Keith Todd instead.

Todd found out about the graphics mishap (which reportedly aired this past November and January) and filed a lawsuit against NBC Universal, claiming “public humiliation, crying spells, [and] loss of employment income,” among other things, as a result of him being misidentified as a criminal.

MSNBC pulled the episode and issued a retraction, apologizing for the error, but Todd is going ahead with his lawsuit regardless.

Todd says that MSNBC “failed to exercise reasonable and proper care” when vetting the information they were provided about the criminal in question.

[h/t The Blaze]
[image via NBC]

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