More Sex Party Details Emerge From Silvio Berlusconi Wiretap Tapes


The ongoing saga of “You’ll Never Believe How Sleazy Silvio Berlusconi Really Is” hit a critical point this weekend as wiretaps were released, giving more insight into the somewhat controversial “bunga bunga parties” the Italian prime minister held.

In public, Berlusconi has denied ever paying for sex. But in the tapes, released in conjunction with an investigation into businessman Gianpaolo Tarantini (whose previous job was selling prosthetic limbs), the PM is caught saying “They [the girls] are all well provided for,” and a text was send to Tarantini reading “Who pays? Do we ask him [Berlusconi] or you?” Tarantini himself is caught on tape saying, “Find a whore, please.”

But that’s where the tapes stop being polite and start getting… well, let me put it this way. If you’re reading this early in the morning in need of an energy boost, some of the language below may wake you up. Here’s Berlusconi bragging about one of his sexual conquests:

“Last night I had a queue outside the door of the bedroom… There were 11 … I only did eight because I could not do it anymore.”

Berlusconi also told Tarantini that “now we need at most two each.”

“Because now I want that you have yours, otherwise I will always feel I am in your debt. Then we can trade. After all, the pussy needs to go around.”

Berlusconi is now being accused of paying for sex with an underage Moroccan dancer. Perhaps this entire affair can be summed up best by Berlusconi himself, who in 2008 complained to Tarantini that his meetings with leaders like Pope Benedict and Angela Merkel (who you’ll remember was insulted by Berlusconi mere months ago) were getting in the way of his “me time.”

Berlusconi… boasted to one TV showgirl that he was only “prime minister in my spare time.”

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