Nicolle Wallace: ‘We Have Just Elected a Man Who Bullies Female Reporters’


During a Meet the Press panel discussion featuring three former White House press secretaries, quite a bit of concern was expressed over how the media will be treated in a Donald Trump administration. One of the panelists, ex-Bush staffer and current NBC News political commentator Nicolle Wallace remarked how dangerous of a time we now be entering.

Following comments by ex-Bush press secretary Ari Fleischer in which he highlighted how much trust the media has lost and that both Trump and the press treat each other with hostility, Wallace chimed in that we “are staring at trees and missing the forest.”

“We have just elected a man who bullies female reporters at his rally as an applause line,” Wallace noted. “We have just elected a man who started a hot war with a female anchor instead of attending a debate she moderated.”

She continued, “We are in a new place. And I don’t think it’s good. And I don’t think it has any parallels to the past.”

Regarding whether Trump needs the media, considering his ability to get his message out via Twitter, Wallace stated that it is more that he wants the attention.

“I don’t think Trump needs the press but he wants it like an addict craves their drug,” she said.

In recent weeks, the Trump team has indicated that changes could be coming over how the President-elect interacts with the media in terms of daily press briefings and who will be seated in the press room.

Watch the exchange above, via NBC News.

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