Meet the Press

WATCH: Giuliani Admits Trump Discussed Trump Tower Moscow Deal As Late As November 2016

Chuck Todd Asks Tim Kaine if FBI ‘Overreacted’ By Investigating Trump As Russian Agent

Ted Cruz Refuses to Rule Out Future Support for Steve King After Racist Comments

Here’s What WH Chief Mulvaney Absurdly Claims is Trump’s Major Concrete Concession to Democrats in Shutdown Fight

Chuck Todd Covers ‘Climate Crisis’ For Entire Meet the Press Episode: We’re Not Giving Time to ‘Climate Deniers’

Dick Durbin Says Senators Begged Mattis to Stay: We Counted on Him to Stop Trump from His ‘Worst Impulse’

Angus King Says Impeachment Wouldn’t ‘Solve’ the ‘Problem’: People Would See it as ‘Revenge’ and a ‘Coup’

Jerry Nadler Accuses Trump of Knowing About Cohen Cover-Up: ‘We Have a President Who Lies Incessantly’ 

GOP Sen. Mike Lee: I’m ‘Certain’ Congress Will Look Into Trump’s ‘Personal Motivations’ With Saudi Arabia

Lindsey Graham on Whitaker as Permanent Attorney General: ‘I Don’t Know if He’s the Best Choice’

DSCC Chair Sen. Van Hollen Says Dems Have Slim Shot at Senate: ‘We Do Have a Narrow Path’

On Meet the Press, Tom Brokaw Agrees with Hugh Hewitt: ‘Booming Out There’, ‘Economy is Humming’

Erick Erickson’s Appearance on NBC to Talk Right Wing Conspiracies Draws Outrage: This is ‘Really Appallingly Bad’

ADL Director Says Attacks on George Soros ‘Appalling’, But Anti-Semitism Isn’t an Issue of Left vs Right

Peggy Noonan Compares Trump Campaign Staff to ‘Island of Broken Toys’: ‘He Couldn’t Get the Grown Ups to Join’

Dick Durbin Blasts GOP for Ignoring Trump’s Instability: It’s ‘the Silence of the Lambs’

Ben Sasse Has Had It With White House ‘Drama’: It’s a ‘Reality Show, Soap Opera Presidency’

Sen. Klobuchar Says Lawmakers Won’t Collaborate Because They’re ‘Afraid of Pissing Off’ Trump

Tom Brokaw Says Both Parties Should Take a Lesson from John McCain: Everyone’s Tired of Being Trapped in Ideological Box

Hillary Clinton: John McCain Understood in the Marrow of His Bones What It Meant to Be American

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