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Giuliani Clarifies ‘Truth Isn’t Truth’ Comment: ‘Not Meant as a Pontification on Moral Theology’

Giuliani Says Trump Team Didn’t Even Know Tower Meeting Was With Russians, But They Did

Giuliani Claims WH Counsel’s Cooperation in Mueller Probe Was Helpful: ‘He Was a Strong Witness for the President’

John Brennan Stands ‘Very Much By’ Trump Treason Claim on Meet the Press: ‘I Don’t Think I’m Being Political’

Kellyanne Conway Squirms When ABC News’ Karl Asks Who is Highest Level African-American in White House

On Meet the Press, Omarosa Says She Was ‘Complicit With This White House Deceiving This Nation’

GOP Senator Defends Maxine Waters Against Trump’s ‘Low IQ’ Attacks: ‘The GOP is Not Anti-Black’

GOP Strategist Mocks Midterm Candidates Proving Loyalty to Trump: ‘It’s Like a Stalin Trial Now’

Chuck Todd Grills GOP Senator on Trump’s ‘Dehumanizing’ Tweet on Press: It’s Rationalizing Violence

Democratic Rep. Elijah Cummings Says Red Hen Owner Should Have Served Sarah Sanders

Chuck Todd to Kellyanne Conway: Sounds Like ‘You Want to Hold Kids Hostage’ to Get Dems to Pass ‘Some Law’

Defeated GOP Rep. Mark Sanford Warns There’s No ‘Seeming Consequences’ for Trump and His Lies

Awkward: Rudy Giuliani Opens MTP Interview by Calling Chuck Todd ‘Todd’… Then ‘Chris’

Canadian PM Justin Trudeau Responds to Trump’s Steel Tariffs: ‘This is Insulting’

Bernie Sanders Loses it on NRA When Asked If Congress Has Done Enough to Stop Mass Shootings: ‘Of Course Not!’

Rep. Adam Schiff Hits Roger Stone Over Denials of Wikileaks Contacts: He’s Not Known For Candor

Meet the Press Panel Reacts to Hearing John McCain’s Voice Reading Memoir: ‘The Guy Does Not Quit’

Alan Dershowitz Hits Giuliani, Concedes ‘This Was a Very Bad Week for the Trump Team’

Trump Again Slams ‘Sleepy Eyed’ Chuck Todd: He ‘Shouldn’t Even Be On the Show’

Paul Ryan: James Comey Is a Man of Integrity ‘As Far As I Know’

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