Of Course People Have Made #WhyILovePizza on Twitter About #PizzaGate


This is why we can’t have nice things. Today, #WhyILovePizza emerged on Twitter as a trending topic. We don’t really think you need a reason to love pizza, but people were talking about it. Many Twitter users made the hashtag about pizza, talking about how they love it because pizza never judges you, and is always there for you (true). One user even invoked John Legend lyrics to express their true feelings:

Lots of people took the hashtag differently, and used it to bring up #PizzaGate. In case you’ve forgotten, #PizzaGate was, and apparently still is the widely-used term for a conspiracy theory that there was a Democrat-led pedophilia ring being operated out of a pizza restaurant in D.C.

…That is one way of looking at #WhyILovePizza.

[featured image via Twitter/@dunnolol4]

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