Piers Morgan Wants Beyoncé to Be Less ‘Inflammatory,’ Stop Playing the Race Card

PicMonkey Collage - BeyoncePiers Morgan decided to go after Beyoncé today with a column blasting her for becoming an “agitating” sociopolitical commentator in order to sell her visual project “Lemonade.”

While Morgan expressed admiration for Beyoncé and talked about a day he spent with her in his piece for Daily Mail, he bemoaned how she was becoming an entertainer determined to “[use] a ‘good cause’ as a fashion accessory.” Indeed, Beyonce has been making headlines in the past few months ever since she was accused of pushing an anti-cop message with a racially-charged concert during the Super Bowl.

Racial justice continues to be a major theme of Beyonce’s project, as Lemonade incorporates more #BlackLivesMatter references and nods to the sobbing mothers of Trayvon Martin and Mike Brown.

“I have huge personal sympathy for both women,” Morgan wrote, “but I felt very uneasy watching these women being used in this way to sell an album. It smacks of shameless exploitation.

From there, Morgan stated that Beyonce was more interesting becoming a “militant activist” than in being an entertainer and musician.

“I preferred the old Beyoncé. The less inflammatory, agitating one,” Morgan wrote. “The one who didn’t use grieving mothers to shift records and further fill her already massively enriched purse.”

Watch the Lemonade trailer above, via Beyonce’s Youtube channel.

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