Please Watch This Video Of Pundits Incorrectly Pronouncing Devin Nunes’ Name

No one can say Devin Nunes‘ name, which is a problem, since he’s a major headliner in the news right now.

Look no further than the above compilation from Politico.

Listen. Let’s go over how to pronounce it once and for all. Here is an ad from when the California congressman was running for office. He says “Noo-nes.” Why? Because there is no tilde (~) over the second “n” in Nunes. Think back to ninth-grade Spanish class and recall that the tilde adds the “y” sound, so it would be necessary to have the tilde if Nunes were pronounced “Noon-yes.” It would look like this: Nuñes.

Now you know, so don’t get it wrong again!

[image via screengrab]


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