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Post Office Releases New Ad Going After E-Mails: ‘A Refrigerator Has Never Been Hacked’

The Post Office is currently going through some hard times. They’re dangerously close to defaulting, President Obama supports a plan to eliminate Saturday mail, and the entire agency could go bankrupt within a year.

A general consensus among people is that increased use of e-mails has led to an overall lower reliance on traditional mail. Well, the United States Postal Service appears to be hitting back in a new commercial implying that e-mails are not as safe and secure for consumers.

Since the ad emerged a few days ago, it has gotten criticism from some tech bloggers. Gizmodo’s Kwame Opam described them as “pretty pathetic,” while Jerry Brito from TIME pointed out that regular mail can be just as threatening as a virus-ridden e-mail.

The ads tell consumers that unlike email and online services, paper mail delivered door to door can’t fall prey to a virus. (Lets not count the anthrax scare of 2001, since anthrax is technically a bacteria.)

Katherine Mangu-Ward from Reason wrote a piece headlined “Postal Service Goes Negative on These Newfangled Electronic Mails.” She mocked the ad for treating people like they were technologically impaired, and highlighted a blog post detailing how the post office once tried to capitalize on e-mails many years ago.

Watch the ad below:

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