President Obama Dodges Question About Israel’s Nuke Program

President Obama took questions today at the Washington Nuclear Security Summit and took a doozy from Scott Wilson of the Washington Post, who pointedly asked why Israel has not declared their nuclear arms, nor have joined the nonproliferation treaty. Obama deftly avoided confirming that Israel is, in fact, possesses nuclear arms, and retrained his answer to U.S. nuclear policy. Video below:

Sadly, Wilson’s question is far more interesting than the response:

You have spoken often about bringing US Policy in line with its treaty obligations internationally to eliminate the perceptions of hypocrisy that some of the world sees toward US and its allies. In that spirit and in that venue will you call on Israel to declare its nuclear program and sign the non-proliferation treaty, and if not why wont other countries see that as an inc not to sing on to a treaty that you say is important to strengthen.

Obama’s answer can be viewed in the video that follows.

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