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Rick Perry Actually Gets Question from College Student About Anal Sex

Texas Governor Rick Perry spoke last night at a Dartmouth event hosted by the College Republicans, and he ended up getting a crazy question from a student about… anal sex. No, seriously.

According to The Dartmouth, Perry’s speech was mostly focused on the midterms and the Republican vision for America, but when it got to the Q&A, the questions got rather… interesting:

Emily Sellers ’15 asked if Perry would have anal sex in exchange for campaign contributions of $102 million, while Timothy Messen ’18 accused the governor of comparing homosexuality to alcoholism.

(For the record, he did make that comparison but then later admitted he “stepped right in it.”)

And that wasn’t even all of it: One reporter obtained a copy of a flyer with questions people were planning to ask Perry, including the $102 million one, seemingly all related to his stance against gay marriage.

Here are some choice highlights:

In 2002, you supported Texas’s anti-sodomy law. Do you dislike bootysex because the peeny goes in where the poopy comes out?

I know you have been very strong on all foreign policy issues, including Somali pirates, but what is your stance on butt pirates?

You have recently been involved in a corruption scandal. Would you like to have anal sex with me later?

College, ladies and gents.

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