Rubio Weighs in on D-Wade’s Imminent Miami Exit: ’Thank You for 13 Incredible Years’

Screen Shot 2016-07-07 at 11.25.01 AMThe sports world was shocked yesterday — and the community of Miami especially — when it was announced that franchise hero Dwayne Wade would be signing with the Chicago Bulls. After winning three NBA Championships, Wade is set to rake in a 2-year $47.5 million deal with the Bulls, in the city that Wade grew up in.

While it’s certainly the biggest story in sports this morning, Wade’s move may not make its way onto the campaign trail. But that didn’t stop Florida Senator Marco Rubio from taking to Twitter to thank Wade for his years of service to the city of Miami:

Certainly, regardless of the success that Wade finds in Chicago, he will likely always be remembered as the cornerstone of the Heat franchise that saw a resurgence during his play. The NBA vet cohosted Like with Kelly this morning with Kelly Ripa, telling the show’s full-time host, “It’s still surreal. I’m still numb… I’ve been in Miami for 13 years, 13 incredible years.”

But who knows? Even though Wade has decided to leave Miami, he can always change his mind. It’s not like Rubio doesn’t know a thing or two about that.

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