Rush Limbaugh’s Advice To GOP: ‘You Hold The Cards,’ Don’t Cave…Don’t Compromise

Just as talk began to pick up that the Senate’s bi-partisan “Gang of Six” was making real progress on a compromise that might have offered a solution to the debt crisis, Rush Limbaugh reminded Republicans that “compromise” is in fact a word deserving of ridicule. Rush suggested “losers compromise, winners do not compromise” and that Republicans are still the winners from their landslide victory in the elections from last November.

Even though the media attempted to suggest that the results from the most recent election demonstrated voters want compromise, Rush emphatically argued that the results actually had nothing to do with compromise. Instead, Rush insists the election was purely a repudiation of Democratic policies:

“Which is why I have been asking the Republicans in the House and in the Senate, don’t cave! You are the winners, you hold the cards. The public has not had a momentous opinion or attitude shift since November, they have not! This NBC News poll [suggesting otherwise] is a phony.”

Even though some Republicans are contemplating compromise now because “it’s tough to be vilified [by the media] 24/7 for their entire life,” Rush urges Republicans to stay strong (like he has) and resist the urge to make any concessions on their position.

Listen to the clip from The Rush Limbaugh Show:

(h/t Daily Rushbo)

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