Samantha Bee Explains Abortion Procedures to TX Rep Who Keeps Saying, ‘I Don’t Believe That’


Since launching her late-night show, Full FrontalSamantha Bee has been gunning to prove herself among the legion of other hosts doing a similar job. What she has excelled at thus far has been tackling tough issues and making them funny without detracting from their seriousness.

Last night, she did it not once, but twice. One of her segments railed against white people ruining Black History Month. The second one took aim at Texas’ HB2, an abortion bill that has made it all the way to the Supreme Court. (Texas isn’t shy about trying to restrict abortion; its residents aren’t shy about protesting that.) Her timing was perfect because oral arguments in the case are set for tomorrow.

She called in one of the legislators responsible for HB2, State Rep. Dan Flynn. The bill is purportedly meant to make clinics providing abortion care safer by regulating the width of hallways and janitorial closets. These rules are extremely difficult to uphold and clinics have closed as a result, leaving many women in the state without care. Texas’ governor, Rick Perry, once said that regulations like those outlined in HB2 might have saved Joan Rivers. Bee wasn’t quite sold on the “safety” angle the Texas lawmakers have been pushing, so she pushed back.

“How does removing access to health care increase health care?” she asked Flynn, who she later had to correct when he referred to “cutting” into a woman’s body, which does not happen during an abortion. She went on to tell him that by restricting safe abortions, he was contributing to so-called “back alley” abortions. She had reports and studies to back her up. He repeatedly told her, “I don’t believe that,” and, “I think you’re wrong.”

She also interviewed Ilyse Hogue, the president of NARAL, giving her a pep talk about fighting back against legislators like Flynn. Hogue was in on the joke, tweeting later:

Watch above to learn more about the bill that the Supreme Court will be hearing arguments on tomorrow morning.

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