Ben Carson Calls for Private Meeting with All GOP Candidates to Talk ‘Lack of Civility’

ben carsonBen Carson is publicly calling for a private meeting between all the Republican candidates to discuss the “lack of civility” happening in the race.

In a press release today, Carson declares, “The American People deserve so much more from the candidates who are seeking the most powerful position in the free world, and I share their concern that this race has taken a turn for the worse, to the point of embarrassment on the world stage.”

Presumably he’s referring to how after months of Donald Trump acting uncivil and getting away with it, Marco Rubio started giving him a taste of his own medicine.

Carson, who (so far) plans to stay in the race beyond tonight’s election results, warns that the GOP candidates need to “reach an agreement together each other [sic] that we will not succumb to the media’s desire for a fight on the stage of Detroit.”

He also wants some kind of formal pledge that the candidates will “talk about the many serious problems facing our country, instead of personally attacking each other.”

The press release also notes that Carson has been reaching out to the other GOP campaigns personally by phone.

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