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Sarah Palin’s Neighbor Turned Down Rental Offer From National Enquirer

Here is the latest update in the battle between Sarah Palin and new next-door-neighbor journalist Joe McGinniss. First up, apparently Sarah Palin’s former neighbors are not as neighborly as they seemed. McGinniss son passed on this email to Ben Smith:

“No one is stalking anyone,” Joe McGinniss, Jr., a novelist whose father is the non-fiction writer, wrote in response to an email from a Palin supporter who confused his email address and his father’s. (He shared the email with me.) “A woman was renting her house and sought out the author because the Palins had crossed her (owed her money for renovations she had done at their request and never paid her for). So she knew McGinniss was writing the book and found him and offered him the house…[the neighbor] turned down more lucrative offers from the National Enquirer who wanted the house so they could ‘stalk’ and take pictures, etc… She said no.”

Additionally: “He’s not stalking or peeping or peering or meddling. He’s simply fulfilling his obligations to his publisher and his readers and himself — to get as close to the subject of his book as possible.”

Well that sort of changes matters slightly, no? Also of possible interest is this little tidbit: Before being rented out to McGinniss the house was “an Oxford House from 2005 until 2008. The tenants were men recently released from prison who were recovering addicts.” Meanwhile, the fence is in progress.

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