Sarah Sanders on Kelly’s Comments About ‘Lazy’ DREAMers: ‘If Anyone is Lazy It Is Probably Democrats’

Earlier today, White House Chief of Staff John Kelly talked about the White House’s immigration proposal and noted that the president likely won’t extend the March 5 expiration for legal protections of DREAMers. Stating that the administration’s plan offered protections for immigrants that hadn’t signed up for DACA protection, Kelly then opined that those who didn’t sign up were “too lazy to get off their asses.”

At this afternoon’s White House press briefing, White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders was pressed on Kelly’s inflammatory remarks and took the opportunity to pivot to taking shots at Democrats.

Asked if the White House’s position is that some DREAMers are lazy, Sanders took the opportunity to blame the current DACA situation on the previous administration. Stating that the White House wants to “solve the problem on DACA” and not “continue kicking the can down the road,” the press secretary added that “if anyone is lazy it is probably Democrats who aren’t showing up to work.”

A few moments later, CNN’s Jim Acosta brought Kelly’s comments back up, stating that on the face of it the remarks were “wildly offensive.” Sanders responded that the only the president is offering a solution and “has been a champion” for DACA recipients. When Acosta retorted that it is still an offensive comment, Sanders said that is “something to decide for yourself.”

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