Tucker Carlson: ‘How Many Big Tech Companies Were Started By People From Central and South America?’


With a government shutdown looming over Congress like a dark cloud, a compromise on immigration and border security within D.C. appears to be the only thing that can prevent such a fiasco. On Thursday night Tucker Carlson invited Kate Gallego, Councilwoman for Phoenix City Council, on his show so they could debate these very issues, specifically DACA.

Carlson started off the segment by asking Gallego if “legalizing people” who are here without documentation is beneficial to the American society. The two went back and forth, at length, reviewing the pros and cons of DACA and our immigration system.

Several minutes in, Gallego made the point that many of the people living here in America, and Phoenix, have flourished in business and tech, saying that her city is “desperate for more people in engineering and computer science.”

Tucker then took a swipe at immigrants who are just to the south of our border, specifically Central and South America. The Fox News host went on to imply that immigrants from Latin America are unable to flourish in the tech field. “How many big tech companies were started by people from Central and South America?” Carlson asked.

“So, right now I’m sitting in Phoenix, Arizona, very close to a company called Fortis who was started by a gentleman from Panama,” Gallego answered. “It’s one of our top engineering companies in this community and they are actually one of our largest employers of at-risk veterans. A wonderful success story.”

Carlson came back at her with the same question, zeroing in on the tech aspect: “How many big tech companies were started by the immigrants you were talking about?”

“I’m not attacking immigrants. I like immigrants,” Carlson said right before bringing up crime data and statistics for undocumented immigrants living in Phoenix.

Watch the clip above, via Fox News.

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