Ann Coulter Gives Up: DACA Kids Can Stay, Trump ‘Must Go’


Conservative pundit and apparent former big-time Donald Trump supporter Ann Coulter has finally had enough, she says, of his policies not meeting expectations. “I give up,” she said on Tuesday after Trump tweeted about Dreamers.

Coulter has been increasingly agitated about Trump’s seeming lack of commitment to the hard line on immigration, and has expressed her frustrations publicly on several recent occasions. But on Tuesday, she’d apparently had enough. And said so.

Much of Twitter reacted negatively to Trump’s tweet, focusing on his characterization of some DACA participants as “hardened criminals.” However, and obviously, in Coulter’s case the objection is to his saying a deal will be cut for them to remain in the country.

Prior to her dump Trump retweet, Coulter shared one from conservative Twitter account @ColumbiaBugle that featured an older clip of Trump with an appeal to end DACA without exception.

It is a position that Trump campaigned on, along with many other hardline immigration stances, including the wall, many of which Trump has since either put off or compromised over, and it has caused a break with a section of his base that was among the most ardent in 2016. Although it would be fair to say that “break” tends to be exhibited more by the professional voices like Coulter than in the MAGA rank-and-file on social media.

Nevertheless, the loss of confidence by the Coulter-ish immigration wing has a broader implication when it comes to the perception of unwavering, unbreakable, “shoot someone on Fifth Avenue” degree of support he enjoys going into 2020.

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