Seth Rogen Bashes Twitter CEO: Jack Dorsey ‘Does Not Seem to Give a F*ck’ About White Supremacists


The way Seth Rogen sees it, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey doesn’t really care about white supremacists using his social media platform.

The comedian recently told his Twitter followers about his attempts to get in contact with Dorsey and ask him to do something about the racists and trolls who use Twitter to create online cesspools. Rogen claims his efforts for the last eight months have gone for naught, and he has come up with an explanation for why Dorsey hasn’t already taken action.

It seems Rogen is joining the bipartisan critics who regularly blast Twitter for verifying the accounts of controversial figures while not doing more to crack down on their most odious users. Rogen’s tweet comes one day after he slammed Ron Paul — following the former congressman’s tweet of an anti-semitic meme about “cultural marxism” in America.

Paul has deleted that tweet and claimed it was posted by a staffer who manages his Twitter account.

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