Sigh: No, the ‘Trump Likes to Watch the Gorilla Channel’ Thing Isn’t Real


Just how crazy are some of the accusations in Michael Wolff’s bestselling tell-all on President Donald Trump? Crazy enough that an Internet prankster made up an obviously fake excerpt, involving the president’s demand for an all-gorilla television network, with many people on Twitter actually believing that it is true.

It’s not just Twitter eggs believing this story, in which Trump coos to the television as he watches 17-hours daily of “the gorilla network.” Celebrities, along with media folks, have fallen for it as well.

Self-described “trend insider” Eric Garland wrote, in a tweet that has since been deleted, in all caps “THE WHITE HOUSE STAFF MADE A MAKESHIFT GORILLA CHANNEL FOR TRUMP TO WATCH AS MUCH AS 17 TIMES A DAY.”

To his credit, Garland owned up to his mistake, admitting that he got “totally punked,” and even changing his Twitter bio to read “CEO, The Gorilla Channel. Innovating gorilla-based content, 24/7, for heads of state.”

MSNBC contributor Scott Dworkin also fell for the hoax and also posted to Twitter to share the news, in a tweet that has since been deleted.

Farhad Manjoo, of The New York Times, is on the fence about the whole thing. Again, one must be reminded that this excerpt claims Trump actually spoke to the on-screen gorillas.

And then:

Tech blogger Lance Ulanoff assumed it was fake, but you never know, you know?

Media critic and podcaster Touré pointed out to the Internet that, nope, no siree, he did not believe that whole gorilla network thing.

Though, like Garland, he later realized that perhaps the farce was more obvious than he initially thought.

Even the great Don Cheadle, War Machine himself, seemed to fall for the fake excerpt, though he did say that it “rings false.”

Things got so bad, actually, that the excerpt’s creator, Twitter user @pixelatedboat, not only had to change his username to reflect the factual inaccuracy of the prose but also had to tweet, in vain, begging people to not take him seriously.

So this says a lot more about what we’ve been conditioned to believe about Trump than anything else, right? Just look at all of this Googling.

I mean, I nearly believed the tweet myself, for the first half, until the author said the president watches the network “17-hours a day.” He doesn’t have room in his schedule for that. How would he find time to watch Fox & Friends?

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