Sinclair’s Boris Epshteyn Admits He Signed NDA Promising Not to Disparage Trump


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Sinclair Broadcast Group’s chief political analyst Boris Epshteyn discussed his role with the media group, and the Trump administration, in a podcast with National Review‘s Jamie Weinstein, and the topic of non-disclosure agreements came up. Epshteyn admitted that he signed one for Donald Trump during the 2016 campaign.

Epshteyn is host of the segment Bottom Line with Boris, a regular political commentary spot that airs across Sinclair’s huge cadre of TV stations during local news. He is also a former Trump campaign official and insider.

Weinstein grilled Epshteyn for several minutes regarding his role as a political analyst, challenging him on whether he has ever disagreed with the Trump administration on anything, or said anything in his role with Sinclair that was “not what the White House would want” him to say. Notably, he did not come up with, or even try to come up with, a single instance of disagreement with Trump or the administration.

Logically, this lead to the question about signing agreements preventing one from disparaging Trump. The exchange can be heard above starting at 25:15 in the clip.

“Omarosa said that she signed a non-disclosure agreement that included a non-disparagement clause against the president and his family. And she said that all campaign staffers on the Trump campaign and many even in the White House signed that,” said Weinstein. “Did you sign one?”

“I believe I did sign one on the campaign and I don’t think I signed one at the White House,” said Epshteyn.

The former Trump administration official argued that the document didn’t affect his commentary, however. “I’ll tell you this as a lawyer, I’m not too worried about that kind of thing,” he said. “I fully say what I believe and fully say what I think. And I’m not controlled or led by a piece of document from several years ago.”

There was then a brief back and forth.

Jamie Weinstein: Right. But you did sign the document that said…

Boris Epshteyn: I just said it. So … And by the way, I think most campaigns, that is absolutely … again, I’ll tell you this as an attorney, I believe most campaigns…

Jamie Weinstein: Did you sign one for Romney and McCain?

Boris Epshteyn: Absolutely standard to sign an NDA. I do not remember if I signed one for those two. I think I may have signed one for McCain, when I was actually on the campaign. I was a surrogate for Romney. You know what? I have to look back. I’m not sure. I would say it’s likely that I signed one, either for one or both of them. And I’ll tell you this, if I were running a campaign, I’d want an NDA.

“In terms of what I’m doing now, now that I’m not with the campaign, I’m not associated with the president, none of my work is led by any concern about an NDA,” Epshteyn added. “I am fully vested in what we say. And I’m fully led by my own personal beliefs.”

Listen to the podcast above, courtesy of National Review.

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