Slate Ruined the Heartwarming Story of George H.W. Bush’s Service Dog Sully and Animal Lovers are Irate: ‘You Soulless’ Monsters


If your Twitter replies drastically outnumber your post’s retweets and likes, you’ve probably got a bad tweet on your hands — a phenomenon known as The Ratio. On Monday night, a tweet from Slate promoting an article on former President George W. Bush‘s service dog ran up an epic ratio. (As of this post’s publication, the tweet has received more than 3,400 replies, and just 83 retweets.)

Sully, the departed president’s labrador retriever, has captivated political observers for the last few days as the nation mourns the ex-president’s passing. People became particularly enamored with the dog thanks to the widely-circulated photo of him lying in front of his owner’s casket.

In response to all of this public adulation, Slate published a piece titled Don’t Spend Your Emotional Energy on Sully H.W. Bush. According to the article, Sully served Bush for less than six months — so it’s not like he was the former president’s beloved lifelong pet.

Animal-lovers are not happy that Slate has rained on their parade:

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