So Many People Fell For Fake Video Showing Woman Who Claimed to Live in Trump Tower For Free…


A few days ago, this video was all over the place:

The clip, which Buzzfeed points out was uploaded in July, features a woman claiming to be filming from within Trump Tower, the famous home of President-elect Donald Trump. She says she has squatted there for almost a decade and is homeless. According to the woman in the video, when Trump heard they were trying to kick the squatter out, he personally arranged for her to live there, made sure she got free room service three times a day, and sent her fresh flowers weekly.

She has not. She is not. That’s all lies. Buzzfeed spoke to a rep for Trump Tower who said it’s all made up. She said this:

There is no validity to the video. The woman depicted is not our guest.


They also questioned a number of residents in the building, none of whom had ever seen the woman and one of whom questioned that the view shown in the clip was even one that could be seen from the place she claimed to live.

After the video was tweeted out last week by a site known for posting fake news, Info Wars ran a story on it and their editor-at-large posted a link to their piece along with the clip itself on his Twitter, as you see above. He made the argument that the video disproves the claims made by Trump’s opponents that the President-elect is racist, doesn’t care about the poor, and won’t allow people of color to live in his buildings if he can help it.

The editor-at-large has yet to acknowledge the statement from the Trump rep.

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