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The Media’s Nuclear Meltdown Over Trump’s North Korea Remarks is Laughable

Trump Supporters Share Fake Photo of Trump Saving Cats in Hurricane Flood Water

Sean Spicer Claims Journalists ‘Perpetuate Myths’; Jimmy KImmel: ‘How About The President?!?’

Snopes Botches Fact-Check by Misrepresenting a Trump-Supporter’s Claim

Eric Trump on Negative Media Coverage: ‘You’d Probably End Up Killing Yourself Out of Depression’

Trump-Supporting Twitter Users Claim Obama Golfed During Katrina (Except He Wasn’t President)

U.N. Human Rights Chief Slams Trump’s Attacks on the Press: Does ‘Tremendous Damage’

Kellyanne Conway Slams CNN for Interviewing Flood Victims, Then Praises Fox News for it

Botched Exposé: Breitbart Editor Matt Boyle Shows He Has No Idea How Press Offices Work

‘Dishonest’ Media? Underreporting of the Democratic IT Staffer Scandal Validates Trump’s Attack

‘This is Fake News’: Guy With ‘Fox Lies’ Sign Shuts Down Fox & Friends Segment

Trump Chastises the ‘Dishonest Media’: ‘These Are Sick People!’

Trump Oddly Mocks the Media for Being Less ‘Elite’ Than He Is: ‘I Live In the White House’

Mitch McConnell Rebuts Trump: ‘Most News Is Not Fake’

After 2nd Charlottesville Statement, Trump Tweets ‘Media Will Never Be Satisfied’

Trump Tells CNN’s Acosta: ‘I Like Real News, Not Fake News. You’re Fake News.’

Jake Tapper on Trump TV: ‘It’s Not Real and It’s Not News’

Trump Slams ‘Fake News’ for Ignoring UN Vote on North Korea…Just as CNN Covers It

Trump Launches Fresh Broadsides Against ‘Failing/Fake’ News

The FBI Was Reportedly Tracking Potential Russian ‘Fake News’ on Election Day

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