Stephanie Ruhle Blasts Alabama Voters Still Backing Roy Moore: ‘That is Perverse!’


An initial poll conducted in the first days after the explosive report detailing sexual misconduct allegations against Alabama GOP Senate candidate Roy Moore showed the Republican trailing Democratic opponent Doug Jones by a 46-42 margin.

Stephanie Ruhle is perplexed that 42 percent of the Alabama electorate is standing behind Moore. During a segment of her show focusing on the race Monday, Ruhle blasted Alabama Republicans for not ditching Moore and mounting a write-in campaign with an alternate candidate (likely current Sen. Luther Strange).

“If you’re a Republican, why not say, ‘I still want the Republican Party, you know, to win in the end, just not this guy?'” Ruhle said, referring to Moore.

Republican strategist Evan Siegfried posited that certain Republicans plan to vote for Moore just to hear rants from media personalities like Stephanie Ruhle.

“There are people within the party who President Donald Trump has unleashed who just want to see people like you and me and you suffer, and scream, and say ‘What is wrong with you?'” Siegfried said. “They like that we’re freaking out right now.”

“I’m not freaking out!” Ruhle shot back. “I’m not suffering! I care about the people of Alabama.”

Ruhle wrapped her segment by slamming Alabama voters for condoning Moore’s behavior by continuing to back him.

“[M]aybe we have shined a light on a part of the country, or a community, that allows this kind of behavior,” Ruhle said. “Because those 14-year-old girls, and the girls who will turn 14 tomorrow, and next year, and the year after that, they’re victims. And maybe what we’re doing today will change that going forward. Because that is perverse.”

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