Steven Soderbergh To NY Post: Liberace Biopic Was ‘Too Gay’ For Theaters

Director Steven Soderbergh told the New York Post Saturday that his recent Liberace biopic, “Behind The Candelabra,” was “too gay” for theaters.

“Nobody would make it,” Soderbergh said. “We went to everybody in town.”

The movie stars Michael Douglas as Liberace and Matt Damon as his young lover. Soderbergh said the film, which will now air on HBO, will be his last. He said he decided five years ago to stop making movies at the age of 50.

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“I am right on schedule,” he said. “My birthday is a week from Monday.”

Soderbergh said he was “stunned” no one in Hollywood would take on the project. “And this is after ‘Brokeback Mountain,'” he added, “by the way, which is not as funny as this movie.”

According to the famous director, Hollywood execs were “scared” because the film was a “magnet for attention.” HBO, however, loved the idea: “The whole package to them looked like a slam dunk. The studios didn’t know how to sell it.”

h/t NY Post

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