Surveillance Video Shows Beyoncé’s Sister Physically Attacking Jay Z

Footage Shows Beyoncé's Sister Physically Attacking Jay Z

On Monday morning, TMZ released elevator surveillance footage that captured Beyoncé’s sister Solange Knowles, physically attacking brother-in-law Jay Z on the groups way out of the Met Gala after-party at the Standard Hotel in New York City on May 5. In the video, Solange can be seen punching and kicking the rapper as a man who appears to be bodyguard tries to pull her away. Beyoncé, who was in the elevator as well, stayed off to the side and did not attempt to get between her sister and husband.

TMZ and other outlets have been unable to confirm what triggered the altercation and representatives for the various parties are not commenting on the incident. In a second video taken by paparazzi stationed outside the hotel, the two sisters can be seen getting into one car while Jay Z gets into a separate SUV.

Watch video below, via TMZ:

[Photo via screengrab]

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