The Announcement That Twitter Has Snuffed Vine Is Rocking the Online World


Vine is dead.

The hugely popular Twitter-produced social media platform that rocketed to prominence in 2013 and introduced the world to the glory of teeny-tiny video clips is getting killed off by its parent company. The Vines will remain, but the ability to create new ones will be ripped away “in the coming months,” says a Medium post.

Vine launched hundreds of careers and reportedly had 200 million unique users a month. That isn’t enough, apparently, and after months of financial losses, Twitter is also set to cut its global workforce by 9%.

The founder has spoken out about this sad turn of events…

…as has just about everyone else. Twitter users got busy sharing their favorite six-second videos to eulogize the app.

(In response to the above clip, Mediaite’s Sam Reisman said, “I’m not going to miss Vine one bit.”)

(In response to the above clip, Mediaite’s Sam Reisman said, “…can you send that to me?”)

Please join everyone in mourning and post your favorite Vines below.

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