The Video From the Kimmel-Cruz Basketball Showdown is Out, and Wow Are They Terrible


LeBron vs. Durant it wasn’t…

Saturday in Texas, Jimmy Kimmel and Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) squared off in a one-on-one showdown in which they managed to set the game of basketball back decades. As previously reported, Cruz won the contest 11-9. But now that the footage from the game is out, it’s pretty safe to say we all lost.

The Texas Senator struck first, and actually showed some promise in the early going — taking Kimmel down low with little resistance, and banking it in from about six feet.

The comedian’s response was…tragic. He put up a dreadful hook shot from just inside the foul line — which barely hit the backboard. Kimmel pulled down an offensive rebound, but missed a subsequent layup before getting fouled in the paint.

Cruz’s best moment came a little later when he swished a contested 18-footer from the left wing. It was a brief moment of competence in this horrid display.

With the game at 2-0, both men were already visibly fatigued, desperately gasping for air. Hence the merciful agreement to stop the game at 11, rather than the originally agreed upon 15.

Kimmel’s highlight came when Cruz dared him to take an open jumper from the top of the key.

“If you miss it, ABC has to put Roseanne back on air,” Cruz said.

Unfazed by the pressure, the comedian sank the shot.

But before long, the two could hardly move. The defense was almost non-existent, but still, both men had extreme difficulty scoring.

After what must’ve been hours, Cruz hit the game winner from just inside the 3-point line on the right wing — putting the ball right through the basketball ring.

“Thank goodness this is over!” Said famed announcer Gus Johnson, who was calling the action. He, of course, was speaking for everyone.

Watch this putrid display of ringball above, via Jimmy Kimmel Live.

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