This Exists: Massachusetts Eco-Burglars Steal 2,000 Pounds Of Used Cooking Oil

It’s a rough economy out there– so rough, that, apparently, it has relegated a group of thieves in Lynn, Massachusetts to steal gallons of used frying oil. This story comes to us from the AP: apparently, police in the town are attempting to find 250 gallon drums suspected to be sold on the black market for use as biofuel.

It seems like a cumbersome way to make an extra $500, but there you have it– American By Products Co. of Lynn, Massachusetts, reported the theft to police last month, from three different restaurants. The AP reports that general manager Phil Bruno was “not surprised:

The theft of the frying oil stored in 250 gallon drums was reported by Phil Bruno, general manager of American By Products Co. of Lynn, whose drivers pick up the used oil on a regular basis and sell it to companies that process it for other uses, including as biofuel.

Bruno told The Newburyport Daily News that the oil stolen last month was worth up to $500.

He said he’s not surprised the grease was taken with gas near $4 per gallon. It can also be used in fertilizers and cosmetics.

Newburyport police Inspector Michael Sugrue said he can’t remember the department ever investigating the theft of used oil.

Gallons of frying oil don’t sound particularly easy to hide away, but the police still merit well-wishing on their mission to find it.

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