This Love Story Took Place on Snapchat as a Whole Campus Watched


The University of Wisconsin-Madison has always seemed like a great school. I have a lot of friends who went there and the general consensus, from them and from various reports and stories, has always been that the school is a fun place with an excellent sense of community. There are over 40,000 students there, so you can imagine the atmosphere in the area.

That area, in fact, has its own local Snapchat story so that anyone with the app on their phone can be even more sucked in by the community feel at UW-M. If you don’t know, a local Snapchat story is one that only people who were physically present in a certain region can see for 24 hours. Anyone can post to it and the goal is to create an overview of a day in the life in any of the participating locations. (The one for New York in general is tragically corny and full of tourists talking about only living once and making every day count or whatever, but more specific ones, like the one at Columbia University, can be really charming.)

A few days ago, a rugged-looking UW-M bro in a Vikings jersey posted a snap of himself to that local story, prompting a young woman to post a snap about how hot he was, according to the Tab. What happened next was a uniquely 2016 fairy tale.

These two crazy kids posted back and forth on the local story, making plans to meet. Interest in their budding romance grew around campus and soon, strangers were posting on the story that they were deeply invested in how it all turned out.

The school even rolled out a location-specific photo filter for snaps about the love story because, well, you know how popular those are.

Eventually, the two met. Not much else is  known about them yet, but students in Madison are undoubtedly hoping for a wedding with a guest list big enough for 40,000.

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