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Watch: James Clapper Says Watergate ‘Pales’ In Comparison to Trump-Russia Scandal

Former Director of National Intelligence and regular MSNBC contributor, James Clapper, is making news in Australia.

During remarks to reporters at the National Press Club of Australia, Clapper — never one to mince words — reflected about his long career in government. Seemingly unprompted, he brought up the famous Watergate scandal which toppled President Richard Nixon. Clapper said that, that historical moment now “pales” in comparison to the Trump Russia probe.

“I think if you compare the two that Watergate pales, really, in my view, compared to what we’re confronting now.” The news was first reported by Reuters.

The comments from Clapper, a widely respected intelligence veteran, only adds to the torrent of criticism facing Trump over the Russia investigation. Tomorrow, Washington D.C. is expected to come to a halt as former FBI director James Comey prepares to testify to the Senate Intelligence Committee about his contentious final months on the job.

Mediaite will of course bring it to you live.

President Trump is doing everything he can to undermine his former employee, with Trump-aligned organization running anti-Comey adds on television and the president himself reportedly considering live tweeting his opinions throughout the event — It wouldn’t be the first time.

It’s also not the first time “Watergate” has been brought up as a point of comparison. Arizona Senator John McCain dropped the W word himself just last month before hastily clarifying.

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