WATCH: Parody Shows the Thought Process Behind Neil deGrasse Tyson’s Twitter Trolling


Neil deGrasse Tyson is delightfully oblivious to how overbearing his love of science is when the people around him are just trying to relax and have fun. Remember that kid in college who would always raise their hand to “correct” the professor on a detail that wasn’t really related to the overall lesson? deGrasse Tyson is like that. You know the guys who fill your mentions on Twitter with, “Well, actually…”? He’s not like that; he is that.

Sometimes it is funny and quirky, but other times, it is extremely annoying. Never forget the time that deGrasse Tyson crash-landed into a discussion on Star Wars and just had to point out why one of the robots in the film could never function the way it was depicted, as if that was the most unbelievable plot point in a series about a magical war in space.

It was that episode, in fact, that spurred comedy group Above Average into creating the following video:

In the video, deGT’s housekeeping staff tries to convince him to stop tweeting and enjoy other parts of his life. Seeming to take their advice to heart, the scientist lists all the things he could do, like focus on his successful television show or spend time with his family. He seems self-aware for a fleeting moment, but suddenly, he just laughs it all off.

His maid then does what we’ve all wanted to do when we see his smarmy tweets roll across our timelines.

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