Comedic Jujutsu: Stephen Colbert’s Hilarious Reverse-Troll of Trump!

‘We Had Atheists Praying For Us’: Jimmy Kimmel Breaks Down Describing Son’s Heart Surgery

Comedians Perform to Fundraise for Environmental Group Fighting Trump’s Policies

‘This is What’s Wrong With Washington D.C.’: Colbert Slams Plans to Sell Internet Browsing History

Colbert Roasts Jared Kushner’s Appointment to ‘Bureau of Obvious Nepotism’

Sarah Silverman Will Star in a Talk Show for Hulu

Bill Maher Mocks Trump Voters: ‘Meet Me Half Way and Stop Being Stupid’

Seth Meyers Slams Trump For ‘Stealing Bits From Weekend Update’

Colbert: Trump Administration Like ‘A Dog Who Spent His Whole Life Chasing a Car’

Here’s The Official Trailer for Dave Chappelle’s Two Upcoming Netflix Specials

‘Please Check Spine at the Door’: Colbert Rips Ted Cruz for Family Dinner With Trump

The Trailer For Amy Schumer’s Upcoming Netflix Special is Here

Jon Stewart Hijacks Late Show, Rips Trump: ‘Nobody Says ‘Believe Me’ Unless They Are Lying’

‘Get the F*ck Out!’: George Lopez Goes Ballistic on Audience Member Offended by Racial Joke

Dave Chappelle is Making Three Stand-Up Specials for Netflix

31-Hour Marathon of Anti-Trump Comedy Will Benefit Charities Affected by His Policies

‘Dearest Tampa…’: Amy Schumer Responds to Audience Walk-Outs With Biting Letter

Trump Fans Walk Out on Amy Schumer After Comedian Takes Aim at GOP Nominee

Megyn Kelly Set to Produce Comedy Series About Reporters Covering Presidential Campaign

If The Basketball Thing Doesn’t Work Out For Blake Griffin, he Could do Standup Comedy

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