Wendy Davis Opens Up About Terminated Pregnancies in Book

Texas gubernatorial candidate Wendy Davis rose to prominence for her filibuster against strict anti-abortion state legislation. And in her new book, she opens up about the two pregnancies she and her husband made the decision to terminate years ago.

Davis had previously disclosed one of the terminated pregnancies, but in her book Forgetting to Be Afraid, Davis writes that 17 years ago, she found out that the baby inside her had an acute brain abnormality. They got a number of medical opinions before making the hard decision to terminate the pregnancy.

She writes, “An indescribable blackness followed. It was a deep, dark despair and grief, a heavy wave that crushed me, that made me wonder if I would ever surface… And when I finally did come through it, I emerged a different person. Changed. Forever changed.”

After she rose to prominence for her filibuster last year, Davis decided to run for governor of Texas against State Attorney General Greg Abbott.

[h/t Politico]
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