What’s Justice Willett Been Doing Since Trump Put Him on SCOTUS Shortlist? Tweeting, Duh

A few weeks ago, Donald Trump released a list of people that he would consider to be the replacement for the late Justice Antonin Scalia on the Supreme Court if he were elected to be the president. On that list was a justice from Texas named Don Willett and it quickly became obvious that Trump hadn’t looked too deeply into the beliefs or public personas of those he named to the list. Willett’s Twitter was full of anti-Trump sentiments.

That generated quite a few headlines for a day or so, but it all seems to have calmed down now as Trump has moved the news cycle on to other topics. So, what has Justice Willett been up to in that time?

He’s still tweeting. In fact, he’s doing it to more lionization than ever.

He responded to this…

…with this:

He replied to this one…

…like this:

This one…

…got this response:

When someone said this…

…he let all the other “judges” know it:

So, what are all these people so giddy about? Here are a few of his non-Trump contributions to the timelines of his nearly 50,000 followers:

In response to CNN posing the question, “Would Donald Trump have killed the gorilla?” he made sure the appropriate people were notified:

And just so you don’t think the man has totally forgotten the whole SCOTUS thing in the two weeks that have elapsed since Trump shortlisted him, he issued this tweet, complete with a gif, to let us know he is still very much plugged into not only the election, but Scalia’s undeniable impact on it all:

He is a very funny blip on timelines that have become otherwise very, very serious as this election has worn on.

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