Supreme Court

WATCH: Justice Ginsburg Says Sexism Was ‘Major Factor’ in Clinton Defeat

One Campaign Promise Trump is Delivering On? Fighting Reproductive Rights

Ruth Bader Ginsburg on Progressive America: ‘My Hope Is We Will Go Back to the Way It Was’

The Left Freaks On Twitter After Chris Hayes Suggests Justice Kennedy May Retire

Supreme Court Decides ‘Hate Speech’ Is Free Speech

Twitter Loses It When Louise Mensch Says ‘Marshal of the Supreme Court’ Told Trump About Impeachment

Sen. Markey: When Democrats Get the Majority Again, ‘We Will Restore the 60-Vote Margin’ on SCOTUS

BREAKING: Justice Neil Gorsuch Takes the Oath to Officially Join Supreme Court

WATCH LIVE: Neil Gorsuch Sworn in to the Supreme Court

Senate Confirms Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court

Senate Dem Speaks For Hours Against Gorsuch, But It Isn’t a Filibuster

Mitch McConnell: We Have the Votes For the Nuclear Option on Gorsuch

CNN’s Burnett: After Arguing We Need 9 Justices, Now Democrats Making SCOTUS ‘Go Longer With Only 8’

‘That’s Total BS’: Orrin Hatch Gets Testy After CNN Grilling on Gorsuch

‘What If Ruth Bader Ginsberg Runs Out of Gas?’: CNN’s Cuomo Has Tactful Talk About SCOTUS

‘They Beat Me’: Univision Reporter Attacked Outside Venezuelan Supreme Court

Mitch McConnell Warns Democrats on Gorsuch: ‘He Will Ultimately Be Confirmed’

Manchin, Heitkamp Become First Democratic Senators to Say They’ll Vote for Gorsuch

Senator: GOP Should Use Nuclear Option to Confirm Gorsuch, ‘America Should be Rejoicing’

Justice Napolitano?: Fox Judicial Analyst Insists ‘Trump Said I’m On the List’

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