Supreme Court

Mitch McConnell Blasts ‘Choreographed Smear Campaign’ Against Kavanaugh: ‘It’s Despicable’

Rep. Eshoo Cites ‘Different Remembrances’ But Says Christine Blasey Ford ‘Not Confused or Mixed Up’

Sen. Hirono Refuses to Say Kavanaugh Has Presumption of Innocence: Women ‘Need to Be Believed’

Christine Blasey Ford Facing Death Threats So Severe She Had to Move Out of Her Home

Rick Santorum Loses it on Jeffrey Toobin Over SCOTUS Bakery Case: ‘Quit Trying to Be Extremist!’

Brett Kavanaugh Makes Opening Statement: SCOTUS Must ‘Never Be Viewed as a Partisan Institution’

Trump to Dems: If You Want to ‘Win’ SCOTUS, ‘Don’t Obstruct… WIN ELECTIONS!’

Lindsey Graham: Democrats Running in 2020 Have to Prove They’re ‘Insane’ on SCOTUS

The View Rages After Trump’s SCOTUS Pick: Kavanaugh Might Be a ‘Quieter Version of Judge Jeanine’

Morning Joe on Kavanaugh: This Is Not a Wild, Judge Jeanine Pirro Pick

Hannity Laments Certain Kavanaugh Confirmation Fight: ‘They’re Gonna Smear That Man and His Family’

WATCH: Protestors Swarm Supreme Court Steps as Trump Announces SCOTUS Pick

Trump Lauds SCOTUS Pick Brett Kavanaugh in WH Ceremony

Trump’s Supreme Court Announcement Divides Twitter: #ShockANDKavanaugh

BREAKING: Trump Nominates Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court

Left-Leaning Washington Post Columnist: Red-State Dems Who Vote Against Trump SCOTUS Pick Are On a ‘Suicide Mission’

WATCH LIVE: Trump Announces His Nominee to the Supreme Court

McConnell Rips Dems For ‘Hyperbole and Hysteria’ on SCOTUS Pick: They Haven’t Tired of ‘Crying Wolf’

Here Are Trump’s Reported ‘Final Four’ Picks for Supreme Court Justice

WATCH: HLN Panelist Storms Out During Fiery Segment on SCOTUS, ‘Christian Sharia’

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