Supreme Court

Supreme Court Votes to Reject Trump’s Asylum Restrictions Amid Border Wall, Shutdown Battle

Chuck Schumer Praises John Roberts for Standing Up to Trump While Criticizing Him for ‘Partisan Decisions’

Trump Wishes Everyone Happy Holiday Then Bashes Chief Justice Roberts to Start Thanksgiving Day

BREAKING: Ruth Bader Ginsburg Fractures Three Ribs in Fall, Hospitalized

Judge Napolitano Scolds Trump for Calling Kavanaugh Allegations a ‘Hoax’: Court Needs ‘Intellectual Legitimacy’

Chris Coons Implies Avenatti Didn’t Help Kavanaugh Process: ‘Widespread Response’ His Client Raised ‘Not Credible Allegations’

Dershowitz Says Democrats Must Stop Holding ‘Revenge Inquisitions’: For Sake of Country, ‘Move Forward’

Protesters Pound on Doors of Supreme Court: ‘Kavanaugh Has Got to Go’

Trump Announces Kavanaugh Will be Sworn In on Saturday

Justice Kagan Warns the Supreme Court May No Longer Have a Middle Position

Marco Rubio: Voting Against Kavanaugh ‘Will Forever Be Perceived As a Verdict of Guilt’

Jeff Flake Says He Will Vote Yes on Kavanaugh Confirmation ‘Unless Something Big Changed’

Nobel Prize Moves the World Forward While Trump and the GOP Move America Backwards

Senate Votes to Advance Brett Kavanaugh’s Nomination

Model and Actress Emily Ratajkowski Arrested in DC While Protesting Kavanaugh

WATCH: Sen. Graham Lashes Out at Protester Insisting On Kavanaugh Polygraph

Key Swing Votes Flake, Collins Satisfied by FBI Kavanaugh Probe: ‘Very Thorough’

Sen. Whitehouse Rips Supreme Court as in Pocket of ‘Big Republican Special Interests’

Kavanaugh Convinced Me of His Innocence. But He May Have Disqualified Himself in the Process.

Fox’s Napolitano: Hearings a ‘Wash’ on Credibility, But Kavanaugh ‘Dug Himself Out of the Hole’

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