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Who Does Glenn Beck Blame for Miley Cyrus’ Outlandish VMAs Act?

Today you truly can’t consider yourself part of the pundit class without having some kind of opinion on what Miley Cyrus did at the VMAs on Sunday night. Enter Glenn Beck, who had this question for Cyrus patriarch Billy Ray: “Billy, are you proud?” Beck and his co-hosts recalled an interview he did with Billy Ray back when he was on HLN (wow, those were the days). He told Beck at the time he considers himself more of a “buddy” to his daughter than a disciplinarian, which Beck found completely baffling.

Beck said that Billy Ray Cyrus must have watched his daughter at the VMAs, and may have even “encouraged” that kind of behavior. In the old interview he did with Cyrus, Beck told him it would be likely that his daughter could very well head down the same path as Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan. Cyrus told Beck he would prefer to end up like Ron Howard.

Beck and his co-hosts said Howard’s the exception to the rule with child stars, and the only reason he didn’t end up like more modern, trashy celebrities is because he had people like Andy Griffith giving him advice. Beck lamented, “I don’t know how to raise my kids in the atmosphere that they exist in,” saying that one thing no parent can afford to do is “hand your kids off to Disney.

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