WSJ Gets On The Gratuitous Bikini Shot Traffic Train

EI-AY966_AGENDA_G_20091228190900Further evidence Rupert Murdoch’s tabloid sensibility is seeping into the Wall St. Journal? Or merely proof someone over there is reading HuffPo?! The former according to Reuters’ Felix Salmon who picked up on this photo and caption in today’s WSJ column by Patience Wheatcroft. The caption: “Basel II was to Basel I what a bikini was to a burkha,’ Coxe Advisors says.” The photo: above. Says Salmon:

Just how far is the WSJ moving towards UK-style journalism? Well, the editor of its European edition, Patience Wheatcroft, used to edit the Sunday Telegraph — a broadsheet gently ribbed in media circles for its ability to illustrate just about any story with a picture of a girl in a bikini.

Today, she gives us a case study in how that’s done, illustrating her column on the impossibly-dry subject of international capital adequacy regimes with the photo caption at left.

I’d say welcome to the blogosphere WSJ! Except Rupe has made it fairly clear he’s not so interested in this corner of the Internet.

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