Adam Kinzinger: Feeling ‘Let Down’ by Republicans Over January 6th Committee is ‘Understatement of the Year’


Congressman Adam Kinzinger (R-IL) shared his disappointment that many of his fellow Republicans are so vehemently opposed to Congressional attempts to investigate the storming of the U.S. Capitol.

A reporter for TMZ caught up to Kinzinger on Wednesday, and he asked whether the congressman considers it a “badge of honor” that House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy is calling Kinzinger a “Pelosi Republican” because of his involvement with the January 6th House Select Committee.

“All I’ve said is we need to get to get to the truth, we need answers, and that’s what we’re gonna get,” Kinzinger said. “Sometimes, standing up and doing the right thing has its cost, but all I am is gonna defend the Constitution, so people can label me whatever they want.”

TMZ’s reporter went on by noting that Kinzinger and Liz Cheney (R-WY) are the only Republicans on the committee when the GOP claims to be the “back the blue” political party. As such, Kinzinger was asked if he feels “let down” by people in his party.

“I certainly wish there were more. I think that’s probably the understatement of the year,” said Kinzinger. “But I know what I made a commitment to. I’m a Republican, but my oath isn’t even to my party, it’s to the Constitution, so I’m comfortable with that, and I hope more people can become comfortable with that, but that’s everybody’s choice.”

Kinzinger was also asked for his reaction to Michael Fanone, the Capitol police officer who provided emotional testimony before the committee along with his colleagues. Kinzinger was specifically for his thoughts on the vulgar, threatening voicemail Fanone received from a Donald Trump supporter in response to his testimony.

“Michael Fanone considers himself a Republican, but he stood here and he defended the Constitution, he defended this institution, and to have people call him and call him the names they did, tell him [they] wish he’s dead,” Kinzinger said. “It’s unfortunately par for the course for some people, but I think it’s important for it to be out there for people to see the kind of vitriol that exists simply for somebody telling the truth and defending freedom.”

Fanone gave the voicemail’s audio to CNN a day after Fox News’ Laura Ingraham ridiculed his testimony by mockingly offering him an award for his “performance.”

Watch above, via TMZ.

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