NEW: North Korea Vows ‘Permanent Dismantlement’ of Nuclear Facility… If U.S. Takes ‘Reciprocal’ Measures


South Korean President Moon Jae-in and North Korean dictator Kim Jong-Un held a summit on Wednesday and, in a joint presser afterward, made several announcements.

North Korea will undertake a “permanent dismantlement” of the missile facilities that have been the subject of negotiation with the United States, and close its main Yongbyon nuclear complex, the leaders said. But only if the United States takes “reciprocal measures”, report Reuters and the AP.

The New York Times adds that Kim Jong Un will make a visit to South Korea soon, and that South Korea’s Moon will be updating President Trump next month in a private meeting during a visit to the United Nations.

None of the reporting specifies exactly what is meant or intended by “reciprocal” measures on the part of the United States. Earlier this month, Kim’s representatives suggested that North Korea would only take action on denuclearization if there was demonstrable “simultaneous” action on the part of the U.S. to show a step down in hostility.

Kim is also demanding a formal end to the Korean War, which was only halted by truce. The two leaders also announced plans to bid for a joint hosting of the Olympics, oddly enough.

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