Stephen Miller Cheered at Conservative Conference For Bragging About Blocking Refugees, Calling For End to All Legal Immigration


Former Trump White House advisor Stephen Miller suggested that legal immigration is just as bad for America as illegal immigration, and the country should just shut down immigration altogether at least temporarily.

Miller was in Houston this week for the Young America’s Foundation’s National Conservative Student Conference, where gave a speech about the differences between traditional conservative philosophy and the populist movement he advanced while working for former President Donald Trump. As Miller reflected on the former administration’s impact on immigration, he drew applause when he said, “I’m very proud of the fact that during the Trump administration, we brought refugee numbers to their lowest levels in American history.”

The speech continued with Miller commenting that “the amount of immigration that the United States accepts every year, in a word, is enormous.” As he claimed that immigration was neglected as an issue before Trump came into power, Miller dove into what he called a “cliche” that illegal immigration is bad but legal immigration is good.

“The problem with that cliche is that just because something is legal doesn’t always mean it is good,” Miller said. He continued:

As conservatives do you believe that everything the government has authorized is good? So why would we then apply such a simplistic, crude paradigm to something as important as immigration? The reality is we have an obligation as a country to make a decision about how many people to admit to the country, that we think we can responsible assimilate, that we think we can responsibly absorb, that we think we have a realistic chance of being able to integrate into the broader country so that we can have a strong society, a healthy job market, so we can have an education system that functions, that we can share our values and pass them along to everybody else.

Miller went on to speak in favor of restricting immigration, eventually arriving at his conclusion that “what this country needs on immigration is a timeout.”

“We need a breather, we need a break, we need a pause,” he said. “After 5 decades of record immigration, what we need is a timeout so that we can take stock of everybody who’s here, and those who are here lawfully. We can assimilate, we can bring into the middle class, we can solve the poverty issues, we can have one thriving American middle class.”

Watch above (start at 19:30), via Young America’s Foundation.

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