Thirsty Conservatives Annoint Adam Driver the New Grover Norquist Over Mild Joke About Hating Taxes


Free-market conservatives rushed to celebrate Hollywood star Adam Driver as their celebrity king on Monday, after a video surfaced of the Star Wars actor mildly complaining about taxes.

In the video, after being asked how he gets into the “dark place” of his villainous roles, Driver replied, “I just think about taxes and traffic and I’m there.”

The joke got traction in the conservative world after getting shared by the Daily Wire and the Daily Caller. The Marriage Story actor received praise from a host of prominent conservatives.

“Adam Driver is slowly becoming one of my favorite people in Hollywood. He carries movies, actually served in the military, and openly isn’t a fan of taxes,” opined Red State senior editor Brandon Morse, while popular neoconservative Twitter user “neontaster” declared, “How do you not love him?”


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