Tomi Lahren on the Cardi B Twitter Flap: It Just Shows ‘The Famous Democrat Double Standard’

Tomi Lahren responded to the Cardi B twitter flap — and those she now says are threatening her — by calling out “the famous Democrat Double Standards.”

It all started when Cardi B threatened to “dog walk” Lahren after the Fox Nation host took issue with Cardi B’s comments about the president and the shutdown.

At one point, Democratic Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez even weighed in.

Then speaking on Fox Nation on Monday, Lahren said this: “My Twitter mentions are filled with liberals with verified accounts who are applauding and encouraging these threats against me.”

Lahren further added the whole thing was just another example of the “famous Democrat double standard” that involved “whining and moan[ing] about violence and trigger work” and then “turn[ing] around” and laughing at threats against those who think differently than you do.

She then concluded: “I’m not going to sit in the corner and cry because Cardi B, or her followers, want to hurt me; but I will point out this glaring hypocrisy the left operates under on a daily basis.”

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