Philly Sports Reporter Mocks ‘Drama Queen’ Joel Embiid’s Grim Fight with Covid: ‘Woe Is Me’


Longtime Philadelphia sports reporter Howard Eskin doesn’t believe Joel Embiid is telling the truth about his scary fight with Covid.

When Embiid rejoined the Philadelphia 76ers from a bout with Covid, the NBA star claimed, “I really thought I wasn’t going to make it.” Embiid described experiencing symptoms such as breathing difficulties and headaches that were worse than migraines.

Eskin joined Philly’s SportsRadio 94WIP Thursday afternoon for his weekly spot with hosts Joe DeCamara and Jon Ritchie, and the 70-year-old reporter brutally mocked Embiid’s claim.

“The drama queen that he is, ‘I almost didn’t make it,'” Eskin said in a very sarcastic manner. “GIVE ME A FREAKIN BREAK, by the way get the vaccine and I do not think he got it,” Eskin added of Embiid.

“The Sixers would not answer the question when CNN asked for a response, he has not said ‘I’ve gotten the vaccine,’ so he’s not there for his team…and he’s a drama queen,” Eskin ranted. “‘Woe is me, oh my gosh woe is meee,'” Eskin continued with a mocking tone.

Finally, DeCamara had enough and hung up on Eskin, blasting him for not taking Embiid’s bout with Covid seriously.

“I will not allow Howard, two times, to mock Joel Embiid who obviously was struggling with Covid,” DeCamara said. “I’m not gonna allow it on the show.”

As Embiid struggles to regain All-Star form since returning to the basketball court, the Sixers center recently said “it’s going to take a while” as he continues to work his way back from Covid.

“Covid is too serious for people like Howard, who weren’t in the room with Joel Embiid to assume what was going on as he was struggling with it,” DeCamara added.

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