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Ahmed Abu Khattala

Benghazi Suspect Arrives at Federal Courthouse in Washington, D.C.

Colbert Mocks Fox News’ Confusing Reaction to Benghazi Suspect Capture

Hillary Responds to Mother of Benghazi Victim in CNN Town Hall

Fox’s James Rosen to State Dept Spox: Why Such ‘Egregious Delay’ in Capturing Benghazi Suspect?

Now Allen West Thinks Obama Is Using Benghazi to Distract from Everything Else

Rush Limbaugh Sees ‘Amazing Timely Coincidence’ in Bengahzi Capture

Fox Hosts: Timing of Benghazi Capture ‘Too Neat’ Ahead of Hillary’s Fox Interview

FLASHBACK: Captured Benghazi Suspect Denied Direct Involvement in 2012

CNN Reporter Who Found Benghazi Suspect Last Year: ‘Not a Man Who Was in Hiding’

Fox & Friends Hosts Unfairly Attack NY Times for Talking to Benghazi Attackers

Chris Wallace to Obama Chief of Staff: Where Are the Benghazi Arrests?

Erin Burnett On CNN’s ‘Truth About Benghazi’ Special: ‘A Reminder That There Have Got To Be Answers’

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