Andrea Saul

Obama Campaign Manager: Women ‘Not Really Concerned’ With Past 4 Years, More Concerned About Future

Stephanie Cutter: ‘We’re Fine With’ Biden Saying Republicans Want People ‘Back In Chains’

Newt Gingrich Tells Anderson Cooper There’s ‘No Proof’ For Romney Welfare Attack

Coulter Explodes At Romney Spokeswoman For Response To Priorities USA Ad: She Needs To Be Fired

Romney Campaign Completely Validates Obamacare While Defending Against Controversial Ad

Romney Spox: Steelworker’s Wife Would Have Had Health Care Under Romneycare

John Berman To Romney Rep: He Has Run ‘On & Off Since 2006,’ How Come He ‘Can’t Convince People To Like Him?’

Romney Surrogate On Releasing More Taxes: Romney ‘Has Gone Above And Beyond What Is Required Of Him’

Romney Campaign Blasts Obama Over Red Sox Player Comment

Soledad O’Brien To Romney Press Secretary On Job Numbers: ‘I’m Going To Correct You On That If I Can’

Worst Oppo Memo Ever: Mitt Romney Campaign Accuses Rick Santorum Of Congress

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