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As World Inches Closer to Nuclear Holocaust, Fox Business Runs Segment on Cheetos

Celebrity Chef Doppelgangers, Part 2: Electric Boogaloo

Acquiring Your Kitchen Staples for The End of the World

Rumor Has It: Anne Burrell Blackballed Josh Ozersky From Judging SoBe Burger Bash

WATCH: Anne Burrell Makes Hangover Brunch, Chelsea Handler Makes Lesbian Jokes

Everything You Need To Know About This Weekend’s Pebble Beach Food And Wine Festival

Anne Burrell And Ina Garten Among Four Chefs Tapped For White House Easter Egg Roll

Last Call: Chefs Pose With Adorable Wild Animals At The SoBe Wine & Food Festival

WATCH: Anne Burrell Gets Hoisted By A Competitive Weight Lifter

Last Call: Calm Down, There’s No Chicken Wing Shortage, Just Like There Was No Baconpocalypse

WATCH: Anne Burrell Is Not Interested In GMA’s Wedding Congratulations

WATCH: Anne Burrell Explains The Perfect ‘Meat Jacuzzi’ On Today

Andrew Zimmern Rips The Neelys On Go Fork Yourself

Last Call: Chick-fil-A Ad Claims ‘Only Fruitcakes’ Wouldn’t Like Their Party Platters

Sarah Simmons’ Friend-Crushes Include Chuck Hughes, Tyra Banks

Anne Burrell Talks Being The Food Network’s First Openly Gay Chef

Last Call: Coffee, Gangnam Style

Charlie Trotter’s Last Meal: Chefs And Friends Pay Final Tribute To Revolutionary Restaurant

Charlie Trotter Bows Out Of The Restaurant Biz, Reveals Ringing Ron Paul Endorsement

Andrew Zimmern On That One Time He Almost Ate A Baby’s Foreskin

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